2024 MakeAlong

We will be running a make along for 2025! Details coming soon! For now check out the amazing 2024 make along designs!

Many of you joined us in making and wearing one of the makealong patterns for 2024 and collected your free participants ribbon award sponsored by The Little Grey Girl.

Knitting Pattern

The winning knit pattern for the 2023 makealong is the Hayley Slipover by @hirismakes


Crochet Pattern

The winning crochet pattern for the 2024 makealong is The Cande Pullover by @nomadstitches


To be in with a chance of receiving a free 2024 makealong ribbon award all you needed to do was make and wear one of the two winning patterns to the 2024 show, visit the makealong table and collect your ribbon! Pin it to your project and wear it with pride!!

Rules to participate and get your free ribbon award…

  1. You must wear your project to EAYF- a little hint here, as long as you’re wearing your make you can qualify… that doesn’t mean it has to be completely finished!
  2. Your make must be made using one of the two winning patterns. We do understand that the images shown in previous years were on female bodies. We check, and selected patterns have no shaping to make them fit to a specific body shape, we would love to see these patterns on all bodies!
  3. When you enter the show (or later in the day if you’re keen to get to our amazing marketplace) you can show your project at the table in the entrance area. We would love you to take a picture and tag us on social media! This is a voluntary step. We do not require a picture for you to receive your award.
  4. We give you your free ribbon award! There will be a bulb pins with them so that you can pin your award to your project and wear it with pride! Ribbon awards will be on a table in the entrance, if the table is unmanned please help yourself, we trust you!